Canopy MLS Data Licensing

Contact: AJ Sulayman, Data Licensing Administrator, , or 704-940-3159, Opt. 3

MLS Grid

Canopy MLS is a founding member of MLS Grid, and one of 17 MLSs using MLS Grid to license and provide access to MLS data feeds for Participants, Subscribers and their designated technology vendors. MLS Grid simplifies data licensing and distribution through The Power of One:

  • One set of rules and display guidelines
  • One standard license agreement
  • MLS Grid is RESO compliant from the Web API to the Data Dictionary. (RESO, which stands for the Real Estate Standards Organization, provides the foundation for streamlined real estate technology through the creation and certification of standards.)
  • Read more about how MLS Grid is Raising the Bar on MLS Data Services

How to request a data feed

For Canopy MLS Participants and Subscribers: Your technology vendor starts the process by electronically signing the MLS Grid Master Data License Agreement on MLS Grid. Next, the Participant and Subscriber (if applicable) will electronically sign the agreement, followed last with approval by Canopy MLS.

Canopy MLS complies with the National Association of Realtors® One Data Source policy. The IDX, VOW and BO data feeds described below can be consolidated into a single data feed upon request from the Participant.

For Technology Vendors: First create a vendor account on MLS Grid. Next, add a subscription that corresponds to the intended use of the data and digitally sign the MLS Grid Master Data License Agreement. Finally, add a customer which includes the MP and Subscriber (if applicable).

Data feeds available

Internet Data Exchange (IDX): Through IDX, Participants permit other Participants and Subscribers to advertise their listings on one another's websites. If a Participant chooses not to participate, his or her firm's listings cannot be displayed on any other member's website.

Canopy MLS also provides an IDX Search Tool in Matrix™ at no additional charge that brokerage and agent websites can frame. Read Matrix IDX Configuration.

Virtual Office Website (VOW): A Participant's website, or a feature of a Participant's website, through which the Participant is capable of providing real-estate brokerage services to consumers.

  • Fields provided: Download the spreadsheet and select the [carolinaVOWToGridFieldMapping] tab.
  • License fee: $500 setup fee, $100 per month.

Brokerage Back Office (BO): Only for internal, back-office functions and cannot provide any public display of listing data. Data may be used for Agent Production Analytics, Comparative Market Analysis and Real Estate Market Analytics.

  • Fields provided: Download the spreadsheet and select the [carolinaBOToGridFieldMapping] tab.
  • License fee: $500 setup fee, $100 per month.

Participant Data Access Policy (PDAP): Provides the firm's own listings, at no additional charge, which can be used for any purpose.

  • Broker Only Access Guide : Step-by-step instructions to create an MLS Grid account and generate an access token to download your brokerage’s listing data for your own internal use.
  • Broker Data Export Guide: Steps to export your brokerage’s listing data to a verified MLS Grid Vendor.

Non-Participant License Agreement: For all other uses not defined above. Requires the Canopy MLS Non-Participant License Agreement in addition to the MLS Grid Master Data License Agreement.

  • Requires approval by the Canopy MLS Board of Directors.
  • License fee: $1,000 setup, $1,200 per quarter.
  • Canopy MLS will only approve AVM requests for Member Participants and Subscribers.
  • Non-core MLS products (third-party portals, lead generation tools, etc.) receive listings on an opt-in basis whereby firms must affirmatively elect to opt-in to the delivery of listings.
  • Core-MLS products (i.e., CMA, statistics programs, mobile apps accessible only to Canopy MLS MPs and Subscribers) requires all MLS data to be useful. Specify in Appendix A if the product is a core-MLS product, and provide the rationale.

New vendors

During the approval process, Canopy MLS staff asks new vendors to provide visual examples, including sample URLs as well as screen shots of mobile apps and other forms of audio or electronic methods of data delivery for review. Be aware of these important considerations:

  • IDX and VOW displays must provide brokerage branding that is more prominently displayed than any other branding on the page (including agent and team branding).
  • Does the product generate printed materials using the licensed data? Does the product give users the ability to advertise the listings of other brokers? Describe and provide examples.
  • Does the product provide statistical representations to the public? Will the statistics be derived using the licensed data in whole or in part? Will attribution be given to Canopy MLS? Describe and provide examples.
  • How do you intend to promote the product to Canopy MLS members? Will you use member contact info provided in the licensed data to promote the product via email, social media or in print? (You must receive specific permission from Canopy MLS to use membership roster data for marketing or promotional purposes.) Please provide specific details about your marketing plans.
  • If you would like information about Canopy Realtor® Association or Canopy MLS event sponsorship opportunities, please let us know.