Login Help

What are my username and password for this system?

Upon joining the association or Canopy MLS you were assigned a "MLSID" or “Member ID”. This acts as your username for our systems. Your password was created by you during your Canopy MLS Orientation class.

I’ve forgotten my username or password.

If you need your password, you can use this Forgot Password link to have an emergency password emailed to you.  When you log in with this password, the system will have you complete a password change.  If you have forgotten your username and password, you can contact the Canopy MLS Help Desk at (704) 940-3159 or support@canopyrealtors.com for assistance.

I need to make an online payment but can’t login.

If you need to pay an invoice such as association dues, MLS fees, or Supra Key fees, click the Pay Online link to access the online payment system.

When I log in, I receive a warning that there is unusual or suspicious login activity detected on my account.  What does this mean?

This indicates that our system has identified one or more logins to your account that do not appear to be you.  In this case, you should immediately change your password.  If the warnings persist, please contact our Compliance Department at compliance@canopyrealtors.com or call (704) 940-3159 and select “Option 3” for “Rules and Regulations.”

When I log in, a message displays that “This account is disabled” or “This office is disabled.”  What can I do?

You will need to speak with someone in our Member Services department.  They can be reached at (704) 940-3110 or membership@canopyrealtors.com

I’ve logged in several times, and now I receive the message “Attack Lock.”

An Attack Lock happens after eight failed login attempts. You can wait one hour before the Attack Lock automatically turns off, or you can contact the Help Desk at (704) 940-3159 to remove the Attack Lock and update you with the correct password.