Featured Products and Services

Matrix - The premier MLS system in the country
MLS Touch Mobile App - The mobile companion to Matrix
ShowingTime - An MLS-wide showing service included in your fees
ShowingTime Mobile - A convenient mobile way to view and schedule showings
Realist Tax Data - Includes data for all 100 NC counties and all 46 SC counties
Statistical Analysis Module (SAM) - Customized statistical reports for your area
Remine - Predictive analytics comes to grow your business
Canopy MLS Dashboard - MLS security from Clareity
Realtor.com Professional Search - A search tool for Realtors® featuring national listing data
ListHub Data Syndication - Opt-in participation in listing syndication
MLS Data Checker - Rules and compliance for MLS listings
Carolinahome.com - Our own local public listings portal
Tech Support - Support provided by locally based experts

More Than Just a Computer System

“MLS” is not just a computer system; it’s much more. With one low quarterly fee, you get so much value for your hard-earned money.

You own Canopy MLS.
Canopy MLS is owned by the Canopy Realtor® Association. As a Realtor® member and/or Subscriber, you have a voice in making business decisions through your respective boards of directors or via a membership vote.

Your Canopy MLS is financially stable and here to stay.
Canopy MLS has served Realtors® since 1950 and has persevered through difficult economies. It is governed by bylaws and run by a board of directors comprising active Realtors®. Sound fiscal policies and investments make your Canopy MLS a financially secure entity. Canopy MLS has budget reserves for use in the event of a catastrophe.

Canopy MLS offers you cooperation and compensation.
All of your Canopy MLS listings must offer cooperation and compensation to other MLS participants for their services in a listing’s sale. Such compensation offers are blanket, unilateral and unconditional.

Only your firm and other Realtor® firms may participate in Canopy MLS.
Participation in Canopy MLS with full-system access is available only to active real estate licensees and appraisers who work for a Realtor® Member Participant. Registered assistants working within a Realtor® Member Participant’s firm are allowed limited access. Unlicensed or inactive licensees are prohibited by law from offering and receiving cooperative compensation in real estate transactions and cannot participate in Canopy MLS because it would directly undermine the purpose of CarolinaMLS, which is to provide an orderly method for MLS participants to offer cooperative compensation to other MLS participants. Canopy MLS staff members biannually verify that all Subscribers are active real estate licensees or appraisers. Also, because all Canopy MLS Subscribers are affiliated with Realtor® firms, they are required to abide by the Realtor® Code of Ethics, which is administered through the association’s professional standards procedures.

You have access to Canopy MLS technical support six days a week.
Canopy MLS and the association have support, compliance, accounting, marketing and membership departments. Well-trained staff members are available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., and Saturdays, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m., to answer your questions. Canopy MLS staff members strive to ensure you never need to leave a voicemail during normal business hours, and that you never need to wait longer than 24 hours to have your emailed questions answered.

You may submit requests by phone, e-mail or walk-in. There are also numerous FAQs, manuals and other support documents available to you 24/7 in Matrix.

You have access to free Canopy MLS computer training.
Canopy MLS offers customized Matrix MLS system training; training on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook; plus numerous educational opportunities and events at no additional charge. The trained and friendly staff members are also available to come to your office to train your staff. We even offer webinars!

You get integrated tax data at no additional charge.
Canopy MLS has partnered with CoreLogic for the Realist tax database, the premier provider of tax information in the U.S., to provide integrated tax data for all 100 North Carolina counties and 46 South Carolina counties at no additional charge to members.

You get an integrated, MLS-wide showing service at no additional charge.
Canopy MLS offers ShowingTime as a member benefit to all Subscribers for all listings. ShowingTime makes showings easy for Subscribers by providing one phone number and one-click appointment scheduling. Subscribers can conveniently update showing statuses, manage showings and share feedback with clients.

You can distribute/syndicate your listings.
Your Canopy MLS provides a local Internet Data Exchange (IDX) program, a virtual office website (VOW) program, a Broker Download and other contracted download options. Plus, Canopy MLS partners with Move/ListHub to provide data syndication to more than 50 real estate channels on the Internet. Most importantly, your Canopy MLS provides a comprehensive set of rules and policies that govern the display of listing data by all parties.

Member Participants decide if and when the firm’s listings are distributed to third parties.
All third-party relationships involving the distribution of Canopy MLS data are approved by the Canopy MLS Board of Directors and governed by contract.

Your Canopy MLS system is reliable and secure.
Your Canopy MLS system has experienced very few outages in the last 10 years. When a problem has occurred, Canopy MLS and system vendor staffs have worked to solve the issue with very little total downtime. Canopy MLS maintains numerous backups of all MLS data, both on- and off-site. At any given time, Canopy MLS stands to lose no more than 15-20 minutes worth of data in a catastrophe. Canopy MLS provides a secure, password-protected system for use only by you as Realtors® and your assistants, accessible from anywhere on a Windows-based computer with Internet access.

Your history data is maintained by Canopy MLS.
Canopy MLS has nearly 15 years of listing history in its database, plus Canopy MLS has comp books available in the office going back to the early ’80s. Where else can you find history going back so far?

You can access Canopy MLS via any device.
Matrix works on virtually every operating system and browser and works on your mobile device or tablet.

Your Canopy MLS has rules — and enforces them.
Your Canopy MLS has rules that fully comply with the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) that are established and enforced by the Canopy MLS Board of Directors. Canopy MLS staff members proactively monitor the Canopy MLS database for inaccurate data and compliance with the rules. Staff members accept complaints from you as Canopy MLS Subscribers, and work diligently to investigate and resolve them.

Here is a sample of some of the issues Canopy MLS staff is ready to help you with:

  • Someone is advertising your listing without your permission.
  • Someone showed your property without an appointment.
  • Someone entered incomplete or inaccurate listing information.
  • Someone did not give you credit for your part in a transaction.
  • Someone refused to honor the offer of cooperative compensation.
  • Someone did not update the status of their listing in a timely manner.

Your Canopy MLS and association educate the public about the value of Realtors®.
Using our public website (www.CarolinaHome.com) and other avenues, the Marketing and Communications Department educates the public on the importance and value of using your services as a Realtor®.

Your Canopy MLS offers you additional benefits.
Canopy MLS Subscribers also enjoy a member discount at the Realtor® Store and the Mingle School of Real Estate, can attend exclusive Canopy MLS and association events, receive a free Inman Select membership, and more.